Seller Benefits

Leverage Your Asset! The Biggest Benefit to the Seller is Economic!


Simply put, if a seller can wait for a predetermined amount of time to get cashed out (typically 6-18 months), they can earn more money. On average they can earn an additional 11-14%, which translates to over $30,000 (based on our price points).


We typically deal with homes from $250,000 to $500,000+ (Executive Homes), so whether the seller is free and clear, or has an underlying mortgage, the math adds up very quickly.


A formal offer is then presented in an easy to understand format with only four primary variables to consider:


1. Sales Price

2. Monthly Payment

3. Term Length

4. Down Payment Amount


Based on these, Sellers decide if it's an acceptable offer that they would like to move forward with.


Program Highlights:


1. Sellers make MORE MONEY! Typically, sellers earn as much as 11% to 14% more selling this way, which translates to over $30,000 on average (in our price ranges).


2. Sellers receive monthly payments ABOVE their asking price. Payments DO NOT credit off the sales price of the home.


3. A sizable, non-refundable down payment is required to ensure there is "skin in the game".


4. In most cases, CTJ Homes will make a FULL PRICE offer, or very close to it.


5. This is a structured agreement to buy the home from day one.


6. Our Buyers are vetted exactly like a traditional borrower through a National Lender, at their expense. That determines if they are a good fit and if they can afford the home, and it dictates the terms and conditions of the agreement. Sellers get full approval rights once the vetting is complete.


7. This vetting, or underwriting process, provides a roadmap and blueprint to becoming mortgage ready.


8. Every Buyer's timeframe for financing is customized around their specific circumstances. That timeframe is known upfront.


9. We mandate a mortgage planning and preparation program to ensure they are working toward their financing within the first 30 days of them taking occupancy of the home. This is in conjunction with their lender.


10. Title remains in the seller's name until they are paid in full (except Texas).


11. Monthly payments are direct-deposited, so there is no collection process.


12. No land lording responsibilities. Repair, maintenance and upkeep are handled by the Buyer after the first 30 days.